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​Pets Play, We Stay L.L.C. is a stay in pet care service that got started because of how many people have pets but also a very busy life.   Our day to day needs more and more exceed our daily wants, causing for our pets to feel the stress of a hard days work; or the lack of pet friendly activities you enjoy.  Treat your pets to a daily outting of their very own,or allow them a vacation while you vacation!
Sign them up now with Pets Play, We Stay L.L.C. 

Stacey LaPierre





  Stacey is born and raised New Hampshire.  She used to work with adjucated/behavioral youth in therapuetic wilderness settings and believed she would start her own wilderness program someday.

    Well in this crazy world we live in she technically has but for your pets instead.  Stacey got into pet sitting back in highschool, she never thought that one day this would be her life.  She loves the outdoors and spends as much time in it as possible. Upon arriving to the North Woodstock area she discovered a lot of residents had pets but not a lot of time to take them out and about, so she started offering her assistants during her free time.  Which quickly became a BIG need!!! Stacey always grew up with pets, had friends with farm animals, helped out at the NH farm museum in Milton NH, and at the alpaca, llama show at UNH.  Stacey has a loving and caring place for animals and tends to go above and beyond in the care she provides; by treating them like her very own.







“We love all animals, and feel that its only fair to have a meet and greet before any services, as to assure compatabilty and comfort for all."


Stacey LaPierre, Manager/Owner  Pets Play, We Stay L.L.C.


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